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            ¦Á-pyrrolidone (¦Á-P)

            1. Chemical name: 2-Pyrrolidone;Butyrolactam;Alpha-P; A close relative-pyrrolidone;α-PVR; 2-P
            2, CAS: 616-45-5
            3. Molecular formula: C4H7NO
            4. Molecular weight: 85.10
            5. Structural formula:
            6. Melting point: 24.6°C
            7. Flash point: 129°C
            8. Boiling point: 245°C
            Colorless to light yellow liquid or crystals. Can miscible with water; alcohol; ether; chloroform; benzene;Ethyl acetate ; carbon disulfide and insoluble in petroleum ether. High boiling point polar solvent, is also intermediate in organic synthesis. Mainly used for synthetic resins, pesticides, polyols, inks, solvents of sulfonation, as well as raw materials for the production of polyethylene pyrrolidone, polyvinyl-4 and piracetam, etc.
            Item First grade Top grade
            Purity, %       ≥ 99 99.5
            Moisture, %¡¡    ≤ 0.1
            Chroma (Pt-Co)#≤ 20 10
            Density£¨20¡æ£©, g/cm3 1.107~1.115

            Packaging:200KG in Galvanized drum

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