Natural Asthma Support

Natural Asthma Support

April 11, 2016

Winter can be a really scary time for both children and parents with breathing difficulties. Puraforce has a natural solution that may be effective in preventing your family’s breathing challenges, low immunity and chance of frequent illness this Winter.

For over 15 years I have been naturally supporting families with breathing troubles with my natural medicines. Here is something you may want to consider.

For children over 12 months you may want to administer Immune Boost Drops AM and PM daily and my Cold/Flu Drops and Cough Drops together as directed on the bottle. I often see a marked improvement in the constitution and level of wellbeing of these children when this protocol is followed throughout winter fro the children in my clinic.

Check out my Acute Illness Pack for the best value with these remedies.

For children who are under 12 months of age you may want to administer Baby Immune Boost Drops AM and PM daily and my Baby ABC Drops and Baby Cough/Croup Drops together as directed on the bottle.

Of course please use your common sense and logic and reach for pharmaceutical and medicinal support when required. I am in no way advocating careless management of this very real and chronic illness.

Now may be the time to really begin supporting your family’s health If you would like some assistance in moving forward please contact me directly on TOLL FREE 1800 244 449.

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