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Natural Sleep Solutions For the Whole Family

February 2, 2016

Are you an exhausted parent who is overwhelmed and frustrated by a child who does not sleep through the night, do you have a baby or children that won’t settle or lay awake for hours unable to fall asleep, does your child wake frequently overnight or do you yourself suffer from insomnia.

If you need help with any of the conditions I have just listed then this blog is for you. I have been using my sleep solutions in my clinic for 15 years with great success. By balancing the nervous system, allowing the brain to switch off and the body to relax sleep can be restored.
With no drugs, side effects or waking up feeling groggy my sleep protocols restore your sanity and enable the body to rest and heal. Hundreds of grateful parents around Australia have used these natural sleep aids with great success.
My natural formulas are homeopathic medicines made from plant and minerals that have no addictive qualities and do not create any build up in the body or reliance.  Using the homeopathic medicines phosphorus, nux vomica and chamomilla the nervous system is balanced, nightmares and night terrors are prevented and the mind switches off. This stops the worrying thoughts and the racing mind.

For babies under 12 months my protocol is:

Puraforce Baby ABC Drops and Puraforce Baby Sleep Drops used together every 10 minutes for 6 doses and then every half hour until baby is asleep. Each time your baby wakes you begin this protocol again with the two remedies used in 10 minute dosage until your baby is asleep again. By consistently dosing in this way each night and every time your baby wakes you will begin to see the frequency in waking reduce as well as the time they are awake for significantly reduce as they begin to be able to self settle and return to sleep faster. Continue this protocol for as long as your baby requires it and then once your sleep is restored and you baby is self settling you can then begin to use the drops less frequently. You will notice as the remedies begin to work and balance is being achieved your baby will need less doses to achieve the same results. This is a sign that the nervous system is healing. You can use this protocol for both day time and night time sleeps. Commonly it takes for 2-3 weeks of this protocol before a consistent pattern of improvement is seen.

For children over 12 months and adults my protocol is:

Puraforce Stress Drops and Puraforce Sleep Drops used together every 10 minutes for 6 doses and then every half hour as needed if the person is still awake. I like to begin the dosing 1 hour before you would like the child or yourself to be asleep. Each time your sleep is disturbed or you wake begin the 10 minute dosing of both remedies again. When this dosage is committed to every night you will notice a significant difference in your sleep quality and quantity within 2 weeks. You will notice you need less doses 10 minutes apart to achieve the same results and eventually you will be able to stop the remedies all together as the nervous system has been healed.

If you have any questions please contact me directly on TOLL FREE 1800 244 449 or email Wishing your family the best of new starts to the school year!

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2 Comments on "Natural Sleep Solutions For the Whole Family"

  1. Eleonora Parker on February 9, 2016 at 2:29 pm said:

    Hi Nicole, do you have a shop front in Mt Gambier? My children and I are currently visiting Adelaide from NE Victoria and I was wondering if at the end of this week when passing through I would be able to purchase some of your products. I would assume you are booked out many weeks in advance and therefore unavailable for an appointment? My children and I are on very restricted diets (9 foods – for optimal health and sanity) Recently we’ve had some improvement with implementation of some GAPS diet principles but we were unable to tolerate whole protocol 2 yrs ago although I’m hopeful we will have more success when we try again this year. My husband is an army veteran with PTSD and I suspect anxiety as well as gut health issues are at the core of our problems. I’m keen to try your remedies for digestion, stress and sleep but would value further advice if possible. Kind regards Nora

    • Nicole on September 12, 2016 at 4:29 am said:

      Hi Eleonora we stock in Ecologie Organics in Mount Gambier, the address is – 121 Commercial St West, Mount Gambier. 🙂 If you would like any further assistance please let me know 🙂

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