Puraforce to the Rescue for Teething Troubles!

August 29, 2016

If you have been using our products for a while you know the power of Puraforce Remedies. You know you can use our drops for every day ailments – for coughs, boosting immunity, managing headaches and solving sleep troubles, but what about teeth pains?

Puraforce offers natural teething relief to babies and toddlers through our Baby Teething Drops – they contain ingredients typically used for, and may assist with pain relief, irritability, clinginess and sleep issues related to teething. May assist with flushed cheeks, loose bowels and nappy rash accompanying teething.

Puraforce offers natural pain relief for toothaches, as well as the pain which occurs when teeth are erupting, with our Pain Relief Drops – contains ingredients typically used for, and may assist in the relief of pain. May be a natural alternative to conventional pain relief.

For weak teeth and enamel, for cavity prevention and those with weak teeth, we also offer Calc Fluor, a Homeopathic Medicine I use in my clinic to support those with poor and weak teeth. A single dose of this remedy can be taken AM and PM daily for both prevention and treatment. I have used this very effectively on my own family. To order this please select 1x Prescribed Homeopathic Remedy and write CALC FLUOR in the message box.

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