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5 Tips to be a Conscious Parent

December 28, 2015

If you want to be a conscious parent, here are some tips to help you out.

Conscious parenting is not just a set of rules that parents should follow when raising their children. It is a set of beliefs that teaches us how to make our children understand the importance of having a healthy body, learning to manage their emotions, and helping them grow into inspired adults that will make a positive impact on our society. It is about guiding the kids to live their lives in meaningful ways so they can be themselves and find fulfilment with the things they are passionate about.

Practice routine

To lead a happy and healthy life, you must teach your family how to practise routine in your food consumption, sleep patterns, cleanliness, and exercise regime. Without routine, the body will suffer. To encourage your children to practice healthy living, make sure they follow regular bedtime, mealtime, washing time, as well as a set time for silence, creativity, and entertainment.

Give your children the chance to observe

Give your kids the chance to subconsciously learn and gain emotional maturity by allowing them to explore, experience, and imitate the world of grownups through free play. Most children these days are unable to learn things on their own because much of today’s learning is structured. Children are taught and directed how to behave. As a result, they do not have the chance to experience learning through unobstructed observation.

Create a warm and loving environment for them

If you want to be a more conscious parent, you should create a loving environment for your kids where they can thrive and grow into compassionate human beings. Remember that kids need to feel loved at all times. It gives them the confidence that they matter. By giving them a warm, loving, and gentle environment, you are giving them a great start at life.

Help your kids develop the basic components of a personality

Give your children room to develop their intuition, sensation, thinking, and feeling—the four elements that Carl Jung describes as the four basic components of a personality. By helping them balance these four vital elements, you can help them become a more holistic person.

Teach the importance of cultivating relationships

Teach your kinds how important it is to get along with others by cultivating loving relationships with your family, friends, and neighbours. This will let the children know that they are not alone and that everything is not all about them—that they are just a part of a bigger picture.

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