Daylight Saving – Yay or Nay?

October 3, 2015

So many parents have mixed feelings about Daylight Saving. If you are in Western Australia, Northern Territory or Queensland you are probably unaware of this dilemma however rest of the us in the other states know all about it.

We love the summer weather, we love to do the long walks and have the children out on their bikes and scooters. We love the BBQ’s and the picnic at the playground and being able to abandon the oven for a few months and just have roast chook and cold meat and fruit platters.

But what do you do about the sleep?

No one has told the sun that despite the long balmy nights it needs to stay away for three hours longer so our children can catch up.

As we are celebrating that Winter illness is over I see a new illness begin to flood into my clinic, hayfever, insect bites and children with dark circles under their eyes.

Just as essential as balanced nutrition, sleep is the other building block to children’s development. When our children do not get enough sleep and their rest is changed from 10 hours of sleep to 6 hours of sleep because of Daylight Saving it does start to have consequences. The consequences I see in my clinic include – dark circles under the eyes, clear runny noses that linger for weeks on end, poor stamina, slow wound healing and low emotional resilience which can lead to increased meltdowns and tantrums.

The good news is I have a solution!

For the families in my clinic and my children I use my remedies that provide adrenal support and encourage deeper more regenerative sleep.

For newborn babies – 12 months:

Dose your baby with our Baby ABC Drops and Baby Sleep Drops together every 10 minutes for 1 hour before you want them to sleep. So if you want them to sleep at 2pm then start the doses at 1, if you want them asleep at 7pm start the dosing at 6pm.

For children over 1 year old – teenagers/adults:

Dose your child or yourself with my Stress Drops and Sleep Drops together every 10 minutes for 6 doses and then every half hour as needed if the person is still awake. I like to begin the dosing 1 hour before you would like the child or yourself to be asleep. Each time your sleep is disturbed or when you wake begin the 10 minute dosing of both remedies again.

When this dosage is committed to every night you will notice a significant difference in the sleep quality and quantity within 2 weeks. Therefore it is best to start this protocol in your home now in preparation for Daylight Saving which begins this Sunday morning 5th October. You will notice you need less doses 10 minutes apart to achieve the same results after 1-2 weeks and eventually you will be able to stop the remedies all together as the nervous system and adrenals adjust.

In addition continue to dose all of your family with my Immune Boost Drops 4xdaily by placing 4mls into each family member’s drink bottle to sip on throughout the day. This prevents the drippy nose and dark circles. You may want to grab a bottle of my Hayfever Drops to take out with you especially if you are out and about on bikes and scooters and at the park during the balmy nights that are ahead. I have a bottle of these, Pain Relief Drops and Bites and Stings Drops with the box of bandaids in our scootering backpack!

One final note – if you do have children with increased meltdown please reach for my Stress Drops (if the are over 12 months) or my Baby ABC Drops (if they are under 12 months) and dose this every 2 hours on those ‘hard days.’

If you need any further information or to have your questions answered call me directly on TOLL FREE 1800 244 499.

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