Fourth term is the hardest

October 19, 2015

By this time of the year the children really find it hard to stay motivated at school. There is more and more resistance at drop off and pick up and despite just coming back from school holidays they are tired.

Parents can be too! We all know what the next three months have ahead of us and if you even to say the word that starts with C (Christmas) the overwhelm can creep in!

The issue with this term and the three months that are coming up is that we burn the candles at both ends. Children have all of the extra excitement and end of year celebrations, often more junk food, often they have less sleep as a result of Daylight Saving and the illness, fatigue and meltdowns start to become more frequent.

We are the same! Our fuses shorten, our to do lists get longer and we very quickly can be under the pump and in countdown ready for those Christmas holidays to start.

I know that the next few months is the time that your family needs the most support! As mine does too! As such I have reduced the price of my Wellness Protocol so that you can support every single member of your family with my preventative Wellness Protocol.

I have two new packs for your family to really strengthen their immunity, prevent fatigue and ensure emotional resilience in the months ahead as the stress increases.

As you know I take my Women’s Monthly Wellness Protocol every single day of the year, this supports my body to work and play hard and I enjoy a lifestyle free of illness and have additional support with overwhelm and stress.

My two girls take my Children’s Monthly Wellness Protocol every single day of the year and have never visited a doctor or needed a pharmaceutical medicine. This supports them to be in the best health possible and maintains their emotional balance and enhances their wellbeing.

I have GREATLY reduced the prices of these remedies and put them into monthly packs for your convenience. You can now afford to support every member of your family in 4th term and enjoy a balanced and illness free household.

These pack will only be available until 12th December so get yours now and set your family up for success!

Check them out here –

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