family's emotional wellbeing

How is your family’s emotional wellbeing?

February 22, 2016

By now the school routine and rhythm is well and truly in full swing and we can take some time to ask ourselves and check in – how are we all really travelling? Now is a good time to take stock and run through your family rhythms and health challenges and nip anything in the bud. How is your family’s emotional wellbeing?

Introducing a nightly rhythm of meditation and mindfulness is brilliant for children and adults who are still struggling with the new routines and any overwhelm. I find my Stress Drops and Evening Meditation essential as part of my wellbeing routine to maintain my balance. Similarly my Children’s Nightly Subliminal proves great results for assisting my children to wind down and cope with the constant changes in our life.

Emotional Wellbeing is not often spoken about, we do not entertain the realities and benefits of meditation as a building block of our daily routines. Check out all of my audio recordings, there is something there for every emotion and stage of life. This may well be the perfect gentle assistance and tool for you and your children to introduce into your daily rhythm.

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