How to Keep Your Kids Healthy and Hydrated This Summer

December 14, 2015

Keep Your Kids Happy and Healthy: Tips for Parents

Summer is that part of the year when kids have the best time of their life. Not only is it the time when kids get weeks off from school, it is also the time for the holiday season. Summer is also when temperatures soar to unbearable degrees and if you don’t make sure that your children are properly hydrated, it can definitely have an impact on their health. Here’s how you can keep your kids hydrated this summer.

Tip No 1. Make sure they drink plenty of water

When it comes to hydration, water remains the best choice. As such, make sure your kids drink plenty of water. When they are playing outside, encourage them to take a break every 15 to 20 minutes to hydrate themselves, especially on hot days.

Tip No 2. Make water accessible

To encourage your kids to drink plenty of water, consider investing in an assortment of reusable travel bottles. Keep them filled in the fridge at home so you and your kids can easily grab them any time you go out. If you have smaller kids, make sure they can easily get themselves a glass of water. If they can’t reach the sink or water tap in your fridge, consider placing a water dispenser they can easily reach alongside a few cups or tumblers they can use. Also, my husband was given a small car fridge for a gift and it’s brilliant to keep in the car during our Australian Summer!

Tip No 3. Stock fruits and vegetables with high water content

It doesn’t have to be water all the time. Believe it or not, there are many fruits and vegetables that are good for hydration. They include watermelon, strawberries, cucumber, and celery. Consider mixing it up a little and give your little ones at least five servings of these fruits and vegetables every day. I find placing platters of fruits and vegetables make them more enticing for your eyes. Also placing toothpicks of on a skewer makes them a bit of a novelty so it has more success.

Tip No 4. Make water much tastier

Some kids don’t simply like drinking water because of its bland taste. To keep your kids well-hydrated despite their aversion to drinking water, consider giving it some flavour and colour – naturally! Infuse water with fresh fruit and herbs like orange, mint, and lemon to make it much tastier and more enjoyable for the kids.

Tip No 5. Make drinking water more fun and interesting

Aside from making water much more appealing to their taste buds, another way to encourage your kids to stay hydrated is to make drinking water more interesting to them. Let them pick out their own drinking cups in their favourite colours or decorated with their favourite cartoon characters. You can also let them use straws with crazy shapes. It’s amazing what a cheap packet of stickers can motivate when they are stuck on a pink cup! (I know this one, been there and done that!)

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