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How to Maintain Balance for Mothers in the Face of New School Routines

February 24, 2016

Your children going back to school isn’t just a change of season or year. It also marks a change in organisation and routine for the whole family. After spending weeks with the whole family taking it easy and being in “holiday mode,” it can definitely be jarring for everyone, especially for mothers, to go back to being busy and frantic all the time.

If you’re still in “holiday mode” and you body still has yet to catch up with your new routines now that the children are back to school, here are some simple tips to help you find and maintain your balance amid your chaotic schedule.

Let your partner help

The fastest way to burn yourself out is to carry the load on your own. As such, if you don’t want to quickly reach your limit, consider letting your spouse or partner help you. With someone to help, you can ease your burdens and make your job much easier. Split the job with your partner and determine who will take on the morning shift (getting the children of out bed and ready for school, preparing breakfast, etc) and afternoon shift (picking up the children from school, helping with homework, cooking dinner).

Seek assistance from your support networks for after-school care

In many cases where both parents work, it can be extra challenging to fulfil your very day routines. To overcome this hurdle, consider seeking help from your network of friends, neighbours, and family members. It’s amazing what barter-type arrangements you can create to build your own community of support for your family and others you are close to

Take a deep breath

If you’re feeling a bit overwhelmed by your busy schedule, your responsibilities, or anything that can get your stress levels soaring, ensure you are connected with your breath. Believe it or not, a simple breathing exercise can make a difference. One minute of taking deep breaths can help transform your whole biochemistry into a calm, alert state. Also, consider carrying our Stress Drops in your bag for times when you are feeling flustered or overwhelmed.

Keep yourself healthy

As your family relies on you, it’s even more important to maintain your balance. Do your best to maintain your emotional week being and keep yourself healthy to avoid getting sick. As often as possible start the day with a nourishing breakfast and as often as possible, try to get a complete, good night’s sleep.

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