My approach to party food – it’s not what you might expect…

August 23, 2015

I started my Wellness Protocol with my daughter Anika this morning as today she had another birthday party. As we were driving there we had a wonderful chat about how she feels in her body now and I will ask her the same question in the morning.

Unlike other ‘alternative’ mums I let my kids go at parties and allow them to eat whatever they want. I know it will end in a sleep/sugar coma and that it suppresses their immune system however I want to teach them to be independent with choice instead of controlling their intake.

This was not always the case, I used to be a food nazi until my eldest was 2. I controlled every mouthful that she consumed and it was stressful for all of us.

What I do do for my girls is load them up with my Wellness Protocol (Stress Drops, Digestion Aid Drops and Immune Boost Drops) every 2 hours all day to support their bodies. I then fill them with water and a good dinner.

I also have the conversation about food. I ask them how they feel, explain what consuming too much does and how we can change their choice next time.

By doing this I hope to empower them and teach my girls self control instead of control and deprivation.

This is my approach to birthday parties and junk food now, it works for us 🙂 Because of our awesome remedies they may only get marginally affected and I don’t have to be a food nazi anymore. But most importantly my kids will learn more each party they go to about the true affects of food so that over time they can make different choices.

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One Comment on "My approach to party food – it’s not what you might expect…"

  1. Jo-Anne on August 27, 2015 at 5:40 pm said:

    This sounds like a great approach to take! I am a huge food nazi and it certainly does take it’s toll on the whole family. My concern for my children is that birthday parties and junk food are not occasionals because there seems to be a party or event on almost every weekend. And then birthday cake in the classroom every time a child celebrates a birthday. I would love to loosen the reigns and will definitely be using your drops on my children (and myself!) when we indulge, but I will struggle with letting them go crazy because these special occasions are so frequent now!

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