My Most Traumatic Parenting Experience

December 29, 2015

I want to share with you why the Puraforce Remedies First Aid Kit was so important to develop.

This images of my daughter Alyce say it all. She had an accident on her scooter. She pushed down a big hill that was covered in asphalt and had a big, big splat.
It was like one of those horrendous insurance adverts. Many other parents could see it happening, so they also ran to try and catch her as I was running down the hill after her screaming… It has taken MANY bottles of Stress Drops for my oldest daughter Anika and I who witnessed it to recover, let alone poor little Alyce.
Thankfully there was only a lot of blood and tears and grazed skin but it was traumatic for us all. What impressed me is the willingness to help that we received from other parents in the park who witnessed it. It was really bad and so many people came to help us.If only I had a Puraforce first aid bag that had everything we needed hanging from the pram that someone could have reached for. Instead, we had to walk all the way back up the hill with Alyce hysterical, blood everywhere and lots of stunned spectators.
I gave her my Stress Drops and Pain Relief Drops together every 5 minutes for about 5 doses once we were back at the car and then moved to every 10 minutes for the next two hours. I then began to space them out to every few hours for the next few days until she was all back to normal. We then covered all of her wounds with my green Wound Ointment on the inside of the bandaids and dressings and didn’t touch them again for 3 days. Why did I do this? Because I know how effective this ointment is in cleaning and disinfecting wounds! Around the band aids I rubbed our Bumps and Bruises Cream to manage the pain, swelling and bruising.
Once everything was covered up with bandaids and dressings Alyce was back to normal and the Stress Drops had well and truly kicked in. A few unicorn stickers on top and all was well in her world once again.
We used NO pharmaceutical medicines at all, no pain relief and no additional anti bacterial creams or washes. This meant no traumatic pulling off dressings or stinging painful chemical applications.
I did try to dab the wounds clean when I dabbed the blood off before placing the dressing on but that was all, to be honest I had full faith in the Wound Ointment so was not that fussed on cleaning any of them. The Wound Ointment was nothing short of miraculous! Not only did it heal the grazes and deep wounds as you can see in the pictures but it also has prevented ANY scarring.The photos are taken the day of the accident, 3 days later, a week later and then two weeks later. It has been absolutely unbelievable and once again I am so grateful for our Puraforce products and the impact they have on our family.
I have so much confidence in our products, we use nothing else and I wanted so deeply to share my experience with you all as it was truly the most frightening thing I have ever experienced with my children.
Once Alyce was all patched up I then started the Stress Drops myself and then realised how traumatised I was – the guilt for not being able to catch her, not being fast enough, not pre-empting it happening…etc etc But as you know an accident is an accident.
Needless to say we are prepared now. We have our beautiful Puraforce First Aid Kit at the ready at every occasion. It comes with us everywhere, it is light, simple to carry and heaven forbid if we ever needed it again in such an emergency, I could yell for someone to get the bag and bring it to me. The only additions that we have made to the kit have been 2 packets of DORA bandaids.
My hope for you is that you, too, will get one of these First Aid Kits and have it at the ready. Teach your children about the products, how and when to use them and be prepared.
Included in our First Aid Kit is everything you need:
1 x Pain Relief Drops
1 x Wound Ointment
1 x Stop Itch Cream
1 x Bumps & Bruises Cream
1 x Stress Drops
1 x Bites & Stings Drops
1 x Gastro Drops
1 x Cold/Flu Drops
1 x FREE carry bag
Order yours now to be prepared you never know what can happen and when…

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