Success in the schoolyard

August 31, 2015

How do you set your children up for success in the schoolyard?

This is a common discussion in my clinic as for years I have supported families with children who have anxiety, fear and overwhelm at kindergarten and school.

These feelings can be the result of various scenarios – it can be school bullying, it can be children who do not display confidence in the ability to read social play, and children who are on ‘The Spectrum’ with various challenges. Regardless of the scenario my tips for parents and my Stress Drops may have a great role to play in setting your child up for success in the school yard.

Here are my tips for success:

1. Role play

If ‘this happens’ how will you deal with it. Speaking through various role play scenarios and conflicts with your children enable them to have a small diluted version of the real deal in the home environment. I encourage parents to talk through the most likely school yard scenarios and equip their children with proactive solutions and behavioural options. This brings confidence and familiarity to the school yard exchange.

2. Introduce a scale of behavioural intensity.

This is equipping your children with the ability to quantify the school yard scenario onto a scale of 1-10. This scale helps determine for the child whether the school yard situation is a big or little issue. Once the intensity is determined it helps the child to respond proportionately as well as know when to seek out help from peers and teachers. A scale that I like to use in my clinic is a 10 on the scale is a situation such as being eaten by a shark and a 1 is having pain in your pinky finger. Together you can set this scale with your child, for the numbers in the middle. This is fun and a useful tool to build dialogue about school yard play. This is particularly useful for children who are shy, embarrassed or hesitant to speak about what is happening at school, this exercise often gets a few laughs and begins the sharing of information between parent and child.

3. Resolution without conflict.

I encourage children to express their feelings to other children. That is sharing that they are hurt and then choosing to walk away. This is different to going away in a huff or just removing themselves from the situation. This is empowered expression that because you are hurting my feelings I am making a choice to play with someone who isn’t hurting my feelings. This creates resolution without the need for conflict as well as creating validation and reflection.

Puraforce Stress Drops greatly support the children in my clinic as it may enable them to have proportionate responses to their emotions by managing fear, overwhelm and distress. I encourage parents to place 4mls of these drops into the child’s water bottle to be sipped all day while at school. Also, these drops can be given every 10 minutes in the morning while getting ready and travelling to school to reduce and often eliminate anticipatory anxiety before school.

Help for the night before – I dose my 7 year old daughter with my Stress Drops and Sleep Drops every 10 minutes for 6 doses and then every half hour until she falls asleep every Sunday night as she experiences ‘Sunday Night Blues.’ That is, she becomes anxious and has worrying thoughts about her school work and gets herself worked up and unable to rationalise her thoughts. These drops are great for my daughter in preventing these meltdowns and providing a solution for her anticipatory anxiety.

If you have a child who needs some help with school yard scenarios, anxiety, fear or meltdowns that are related to school please reach out, I would love to help you get your child back on track and enjoying their school experience.

I can be contacted on TOLL FREE 1800 244 449 or email

Disclaimer: This blog is private and is intended for the subscribers of Puraforce Remedies only.

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