The challenges of season change

October 9, 2015

The season changes are often the most challenging for our body’s immunity.

Are you a parent who becomes frustrated with the weather changes this time of year? It seems to be getting warmer and then every few days we get a cold change which seems to bring back that familiar drippy nose or loose cough that you have been fighting all Winter!

As the body’s immune system appears to have to work against new and more frequent bacterias, environmental elements such as pollens and dust and of course those fluctuating temperature changes it really can be a big ask!

Here are 5 tips to support your family through the season changes:

1. Do not always assume that your body temperature is that of your children’s.

Different children run hot and cold and have different base thermal temperatures. A great way to empower our children about their health is to encourage and teach them about regulating their own temperature with more or less clothing.

2. Continue with good well rounded nutritional food that you have been doing all season. 

It can be tempting to reduce the vegetables and then start over doing the salads now that you have a few warm days. This sudden change can overload and change the digestive function dramatically which can lead to imbalance. Transition your diet slowly from season to season, and in the same way do not overload on new seasonal fruits too quickly!

3. Aconite is excellent!

The homeopathic medicine Aconite is specifically effective in the homeopathic management of ailments such as fever, colds and flus, earaches and sore throats that come on as a result of temperature change. I find this remedy beneficial to have on hand in the afternoon when playing at the park with my children and the temperature suddenly drops as well as after swimming when children experience a temperature drop from getting out of the water. This traditional medicine is very useful when symptoms come on suddenly and unexpectedly and is in my Cold/Flu Drops.

4. Assist the body by taking a daily probiotic tablet.

I encourage my patients to take this every  night just before bed for greatest impact. This probiotic such as acidophilus bifidis helps to maintain and encourage healthy gut flora balance which is a building block to thriving immunity.

5. Continue with high levels of hydration.

As the temperature changes many children are susceptible to headaches as a result of dehydration. Begin encouraging more water to be drunk by your family at meal times in preparation to creating good habits once the weather warms up for good. If any of your family does need natural relief for headaches reach for my Headache Drops.

I hope this information equips you for an easy transition and if I can be of any assistance please contact me directly on TOLL FREE 1800 244 449.

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