What is your attitude to wellness?

August 17, 2015

What if the thoughts in your mind impacted the health of your family? I know it sounds far fetched but what you think really is what you create. I have seen this time and time again in my practice over the past 13 years.

Families that choose to be well stay well.

It’s really important to identify what your beliefs are around illness and wellness. Do you think that your child is going to catch a cold as soon as he gets out of the pool, are you a germphobe and make your children wash their hands all the time?

I made a decision before I had my children that I didn’t want to have sick children. Having worked in my clinic with chronically ill and recurrently ill children I made committments to myself about my attitude to wellness and what I was going to teach my children.

You see we should ALL be well, we all have limitless energy, abundant health, balance and optimism available to us. We just need to choose it and commit to achieving it for ourselves and our children.

Now of course I am not saying don’t use your common sense and of course there are bugs and germs out there, but I am challenging you to look at your attitude around illness. Are you a drama queen or fearful of illness?

I treat thousands of women every year who have an unhealthy attitude towards health and illness. Women who are terrified of their children being ill who feel paralyzed by the idea of a cough or gastro coming home from child care.

We all love our children and we want them to be well and have endless energy and vitality to learn and grow. Fearing illness is just about as silly as fearing the rain coming down out of the clouds. Why, because it is part of life. Illness is part of the cycles and rhythms of life. We are designed to be sick and to recover quicky as we have this inbuilt protection, an incredibly complex insurance policy called our immune system. So why don’t we trust it?

Sure, having sick kids is the pits and none of us like seeing our children in discomfort, but being exposed to illness and recovering is great for your children’s health in the future as well as their resilience.

One thing I know for sure is that mother’s are not being fearful of illness on purpose, instead it is hardwiring, a program that they took on at some point either themselves or maybe even from their mothers. This is where I can help…

I recorded my “Empower Family Health” affirmation for the women in my practice who fear illness.

By listening to this affirmation daily, if not several times a day it can reprogram and shift your mental attitude towards health and illness. Over time when this affirmation is committed to, and I mean listened to 4 times daily the rewiring begins, the attitude shifts and miraculously the health of your family also transforms!

Of course my Immune Boost Drops can be fabulous to give all of your family as an extra insurance policy and some Stress Drops for you to manage your anxiety is not a bad idea either.

Seriously, it can really work! If it didn’t I would not have been using it in my clinic for so many years.

Download your FREE affirmation here and begin to feel your attitude to illness change!

Keep thriving!

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