Children need space…

September 12, 2016

Children need space – to breathe, to play and to discover. With technology and stimulation being at an all time high it’s a great thing for us to remember as parents – children need SPACE!

How do you feel, when you have your children, friends and family at you all the time, you have constant noise and you have constant demands on your time and energy? You feel depleted don’t you… Your children are exactly the same! They feel depleted from the overstimulation of their environments, their minds and their emotions. Have you experienced the solution to this for yourself? SPACE, yes, it’s really that simple. Space alone, away from stimulation, in the quiet where you can gather your thoughts, emotions and ideas.

How can we create this for our children? How do we facilitate space for them to process their environments, get in touch with their feelings and connect with their ideas? I really advocate the creation of space within the home. I encourage all of the parents who come to me for support and assistance with their health to help each child create a space of their own within the home. This space can be in their bedroom, under the stairs, on the top of a bunk bed or even in the bottom of a closet. This space can be full of cushions, and blankets, fluffy sensory toys, their favourite things, books and an iPod with headphones and relaxing music.

I like to have a tool kit in an old lunchbox in each of my children’s spaces, in the tool kit I have:

  • A  bottle of Puraforce Stress Drops, my girls know to take half an eyedropper every 10 minutes to help them feel calm and peaceful.
  • A deck of children’s affirmation cards, my girls are currently enjoying these Nurture Cards
  • A notepad and paper – this is for drawing and my 8 year old often writes about her feelings.
  • An iPod with children’s guided meditations. On my children’s iPods I have loaded this children’s meditation bundle I wrote and recorded with my best friend Ali. I also have my children’s night time subliminal audio which I find very beneficial if my girls are overtired and overstimulated as it helps them to go to sleep.
  • I also have sensory toys such as a slinky and also little disney characters for my children to play with.

I have found this tool kit to be very beneficial to my girls in their space, they will often take themselves away to process or to have some alone time. It also holds great value if I see my daughter become overstimulated as I can redirect her to a more peaceful place where she can practice mindfulness rather than a place she is being punished for any unbalanced behaviour.

I really encourage and advocate for you to work with each of your children to create a space where they can feel safe, where they can feel and where they can regroup. Just as much as we need to then to create the same place and practice in our lives as parents.


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