Parenting can be HARD work!

August 15, 2016

Parenthood comes with it challenges. You can think that all is travelling really well and that you are the master of your own railway station (the leader of your family) with each of your trains on their tracks. Each member of the family is on track, everyone is travelling along nicely and all seems to be in order. It feels good, you are on top of things, the overwhelm decreases and you feel a sense of achievement.

Then, as if from nowhere the trains or a single train can fall off it’s track, you feel overwhelmed, exhausted. Those feelings of failure and low self esteem start to creep in and you worry that you will never get back that feeling when you felt on top of it all.

Fortunately, Homeopathy has a great role to play in keeping each family member balanced. By identifying each of your family’s constitutional states, giving the appropriate remedy and most importantly balancing you, you can once again feel on top of things. You can step into a level of ease and wellbeing that you have never experienced before, where everything feels effortless.

Through understanding your ‘constitution’ and the ‘constitutions’ of your family members, you can understand the cause and the reason for the conflicts and imbalance in your home. You see, there are 12 major psychological states that we see within these homeopathic constitutions and as such we all have different fear and pain points that trigger us. Some are more wired to be pleasers and seek approval, while other constitutions have a need for control, order and can have resistance to change.

Understanding the constitutions of all the trains that are on the tracks in my railway station brought clarity to my parenting. It assisted me to adjust my language, to transform my reactions and understand the causes and the imbalances of my children so that I could correct them in a much more fundamental way.

For example, my youngest daughter is a constitution that needs constant change and a need for control, so you can imagine this caused many opportunities for opposition until I understood the language and the parenting approach that she needed. My eldest daughter is fundamentally driven by freedom and so a more flexible and inclusive parenting style is what she thrives on.

Now this doesn’t mean that I don’t set boundaries and discipline, I do, but it comes from a place of knowledge and unique approach with each of my children which then means for greater outcomes than what I was doing before.

Would you like to learn about the family dynamics in your home, the different constitutions and the language and communication styles that lean to a more harmonious and heart centred parenting journey? 

Book your consultation now by emailing and learn the fundamental constitutions that make up your family unit.

I hope you found this article valuable.



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