10 Wellness Secrets for Healthy Family Travel

November 3, 2015

With Christmas holidays fast approaching it is now time to start thinking about your travel plans. Does your family become ill, imbalanced and emotionally stressed out when you travel? Whether via plane, car, boat or bus travel is fun but does have it challenges. We all know that long car rides, long lay overs in airports and bumpy rides can make us feel exhausted, unwell in the tummy and can also play havock with sleep routines.

How can you support your body and your family to travel with less impact on your body? As you know I travel a lot and often my children are with me.

Here is what we do to maintain optimum health and balance so we can enjoy our holidays.

1. Hydration –

It is super important for your body to remain hydrated while travelling. While in the car and on planes your body is restricted in movement and so fluid retention and swelling of your lower limbs is common. A general rule of thumb is to drink 300ml every hour. (Don’t forget to equip your children with this too!)

2. Wellness Protocol –

Dose your family’s drink bottles with 4ml of each of my Immune Boost Drops, Stress Drops and Digestion Aid Drops. This protocol may protect you and your family from illness  while travelling. I have used this protocol with great success even when travelling next to other passengers who were coughing and sneezing on aeroplanes!

3. Travel Sickness Drops –

There is truly nothing worse than motion sickness! Many children in my clinic suffer from car and sea sickness and even on planes are prone to vomitting and nausea. Have Travel Sickness Drops at the ready and you may have nothing to worry about!

4. Nutrition –

When travelling in different time zones it’s really easy to become run down and depleted. I always make sure I carry some nutriceuticals with me. I carry magnesium to prevent muscles cramps, B complex to support my adrenals, spirulina to assist with my nutritional levels if my diet has been poor and a probiotic to ensure my gut flora is supported.

5. Water Fasting –

I don’t know about you but aeroplane food freaks me out! I cannot bring myself to ingest the low nutrient nuclear zapped food that they serve up. Instead I drink water only while I travel, especially on plane flights both national and international. The benefits of this is I do not contaminate my digestion system with plastic food and my digestion system gets a break. Eating while flying or even driving can cause fermentation and heaviness which often leads to constipation. Also the lack of activity from sitting for long periods doesn’t work in your favour for correct elimination. I stay comfortable by drinking water only when I travel and ensure I eat a good healthy meal before I leave and once I arrive such as raw juices, salads and porridge.

6. Eyemask –

This is the best $15 I have ever spent! It is brilliant to block out light and give you a sense of escaping the world. I also wear a big hoodie on the plane so I can wrap myself up with my meditation music and disconnect from the outer environment. It’s awesome and really helps you  to sleep when in planes and cars where you can be uncomfortable.

7. Sleep Drops –

This liquid gold may enable adults and children alike to get rest and sleep while travelling. Dose as directed on the bottle 1 hour before you want to be asleep. It does not have any side effects of drowsiness. These are suitable for children over 12 months. We have Baby Sleep Drops for children under 12 months.

8. Magic Bullet –

I never travel without my magic bullet, it enables me to make green smoothies, raw juices and protein shakes while I travel. I take my protein powder with me and once I arrive I seek out my berries, chia and flaxseeds and almond milk. This ensures I can have a balanced and nutrient rich diet even when being away from home. I have made smoothies in hotel rooms and even departure lounges. This is a god send and I always travel with it in my hand luggage so I have my nutritional support with me at the ready.

9. Jetlag Drops –

These drops have saved my bacon when doing long haul flights with work at the other end. The reality of travel is that you often have to perform and be alert and simpatico at the other end. There is nothing worse than feeling unwell and zoned out while trying to navigate customs and find your hire car or hotel after a long flight. Use these drops with our Sleep Drops every 2 hours once you start your journey while you are awake. Sleep when your body needs to sleep and do not break your sleep patterns to take any remedies. Discontinue 12 hours after you reach your destination. You mayLOVE these drops!

10. Audiobook –

If you prepare for the worst you will always be surprised. I always make sure I have a new and inspiring audiobook to listen to while travelling. Our Sleep Drops and Jetlag Drops ensure I sleep on the plane however the long layovers and customs lines surely seem quicker when you have a good and engaging audiobook. I like to use the iTunes store however many people speak highly of the app Audible.

Prepare for your next travel adventure now with with my NEW Travel Pack. I have bundled and discounted all of the remedies you need enabling your family to have the healthiest and happiest holiday possible.

Disclaimer: This blog is private and is intended for the subscribers of Puraforce Remedies only.

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