5 Ways to Prevent Autoimmune Diseases

August 1, 2016

Our immune system is our first line of defense against diseases and infection. It produces antibodies that attack foreign substances that are making us ill. However, there are people whose immune systems are unable to distinguish the difference between a foreign substance and the body’s own tissues, causing them to mistakenly attack the latter.

This is what basically happens when you got an autoimmune disease. An autoimmune disease is composed of a wide range of related diseases wherein a person’s immune system responds inappropriately to its own cells tissues, and organs, resulting in inflammation and damage.


If you have an autoimmune disease, don’t fret because there are ways to stop it from happening again.

Give your digestive tract a chance to heal

According to experts, one of the leading causes of many autoimmune diseases is a “leaky gut.” If you’re suffering from an autoimmune condition, it is very likely that your digestive tract is not as healthy as it can be. As such, avoid putting undue stress on your digestive tract to give it a chance to heal. Refrain from eating foods that can trigger your condition.

To aid you your digestive system and prevent it from working overtime, chew your foods thoroughly. By chewing well, you are allowing your digestive tract to efficiently break down small particles of food. This makes it much easier for your digestive system to digest food and pass them through your intestines.

Limit your protein intake

Avoid eating protein more than your body needs. One cause of autoimmune diseases is said to be the leakage of incompletely digested protein in your blood. So aside from chewing your food thoroughly, you should eat no more than half of your body weight in protein in grams every day.

Get enough rest

Always make sure that you get enough rest every day. The more you rest, the more energy your body can spend on repairing damaged areas inside. Also, see to it that you get restful sleep each night. When you’re able to sleep deeply, your body can produce large quantities of hormones that promote the growth and healing of your tissues.

Get enough sunlight

To prevent autoimmune disease, make sure that your body gets enough vitamin D and the safest way to do it is to get exposure to natural sunlight. However, see to it that you don’t burn yourself. If addition to getting exposed to the rays of the sun, you may also take supplements and eat foods that are rich in vitamin D.

Have a healthy diet

Last but not the least, make sure to have a healthy, balanced diet everyday. According to experts, the best food groups for preventing and reversing autoimmune diseases are vegetables, whole grains, and fruits.

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