Why you need your own home apothecary.

July 31, 2015

I wanted to share you the importance of building your very own home apothecary. Ask my patients and they will tell you this is one of the things I emphasise in my practice. Why? Because having a home apothecary is aligned with the proactive wellness of you and your family, and it works!

You know those times when everyone gets affected by gastro?
Or when it’s too late and the symptoms of Cystitis / UTI have already blown out?
When the kids get that high temperature, or even those days when they are out of control?

These are the times when everyone in the family gets affected, not just the person who is sick or in dis-ease, and these times can be extremely challenging.

But all these ailments and symptoms are not uncommon and can be treated easily with my range of remedies.

Having your very own home apothecary means that you can really take charge and full control of your health and in most cases, you can prevent dis-ease from occurring.

How can you build an apothecary?
Find a space in your house which is not exposed to sunlight and free of temperature fluctuations. An apothecary could be as small as a box, or a space in your cupboard where you store your remedies.
Whatever you do make sure it is easily accessible for your time of need.
Remember, my remedies are 100% natural, and free of chemicals, toxins, colourings, preservatives and other nasties, so they are safe around children and you can never overdose by taking them.

What should your apothecary include?
My patients have their favourites which they can’t live without, Stress Drops and Hormone Balancer Drops are amongst them.
But equally as important, especially in winter are the Cold/Flu Drops, Headache Drops and Immune Boost Drops and families with younger children tell me daily that they are essential to their wellbeing.

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    Angelique K. VIC