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October 23, 2015

Here are 5 TRANSFORMATIONAL LEARNINGS from my Awesomeness experience so far.

Hola from Costa Rica! Does anyone know about Mind Valley? I had done a lot of reading and education from the Mind Valley platform before coming to Afest, but nothing was going to prepare me for this conference

I have had such a transformation already and such an inner alignment that on a very deep level I have been craving.

I have invested years in personal development from many many teachers and masters from all over the world, I also coach personal development every day of the week, however this event is just PD (personal development) on steroids!! I am so blessed and grateful to be here.

I want to share with you the top 5 transformational learnings so far:

1. LET GO –

Don’t be afraid to call yourself on your junk and be brave enough to see that it isn’t serving you. Denial is a behaviour that brings about suffering and suffering is a CHOICE.


in the possibility that being in what is uncomfortable may be the greatest choice you ever make. There is no growth, change or progression in what is familiar, easy and comfortable.


living in a small rural town in South Australia I can sometimes feel alone, isolated and disconnected from those who have the same values and beliefs from me. Unbeknownst to me at the time, this has been an obstacle for the last few years and I have been shutting down from people and trying to ‘make do.’ We are NEVER alone, we are all connected, and if I feel like this then most likely others do too. This penny dropping has been the inspiration for my new Mindfulness Masterclasses. I want to create a community and space for people all around the world to come together and experience collective consciousness and intent around learning and peacefulness. We need never feel alone again. Learn more about my Mindfulness Masterclasses here 


I am not serving to my greatest capacity. I thought before I arrived here that I was a generous person, I help where I can, I have a charity in India, I thought I was doing my bit. We have and can NEVER do enough. We must OPEN OUR HEART to being connected and share ourselves with others. It’s not just actions pf generosity it’s GIVING OF YOURSELF. Share your sparkle with the world!


Your greatest breakthrough is on the other side of vulnerability. Allow yourself to dream, to commit and to invest in everything. Be open to anything and everything at every moment. Crack yourself open! It’s terrifying and uncomfortable, however this will facilitate your greatest growth and greatest opportunities!

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