I wanted to make a difference

September 8, 2015

I wanted to make a difference, every one of us can as long as we stay true to what our heart is being moved to achieve.

In 2004 when I was 24 I travelled to India wanting to make a difference. I paid an international volunteer agency to place me in a village health care project and spent 6 weeks in Mayapur in West Bengal, India. Determined to create a lasting difference I returned home to Australia and began to map out a health care project plan and began fundraising for the communities and people I felt deep affection for.

No one wanted to help me, it was the same time that the media in Australia was reporting that Australian jobs being taken by Indians in big major cities in India. The word India was a dirty word and no one wanted to contribute to my vision. Instead of being discouraged I decided to fund it myself. I started to take money every week from my wage and my parents and brother did the same and before I knew it with the help of my family I had a charity.

I called my charity Rebalance the Globe as I am committed to contributing to the restoration of balance  on our planet. By redistributing resources such as wealth, education and opportunity from the west we can empower those less fortunate than us in the East.

My charity Rebalance the Globe was founded in 2006. A mobile healthcare project improving the health and wellbeing of communities, and creating hope for families who are caught in the poverty cycle. By improving health and alleviating suffering we enable men to return to the workforce and provide an income to support their families. We enable children to attend school and obtain an education and empower the family unit to work together to create a better life for the future.

Each mobile healthcare bus travels to rural communities on a rotating schedule every two weeks. Each fully equipped healthcare bus travels directly to the villages providing health services to the weak and ill who are unable to travel or afford healthcare.

We also focus on preventative healthcare in villages by delivering arsenic removal water filters directly to villages and providing a health educator who provides basic healthcare, first aid and wound dressing to each village. We providing monthly visits to each school in the area, providing healthcare to 2,000 school children, and also distribute healthcare leaflets on basic health and hygiene.

Now all these years later we have 22 full time staff and a sustainable and empowering project that is getting attention of government and non government agencies in India. We travel over once each year to connect with our beloved staff and communities, I still fund my charity myself  and we have plans to expand our charity into other areas of India, Bangladesh and Nepal in the near future.

I would love you to assist me to help the beautiful people of West Bengal, every single dollar helps us to expand our project, you can donate on my website

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