Lisa Nichols broke me…

November 15, 2015


The greatest lesson of my life so far…

As you know I returned from Costa Rica this week and my life has changed forever. Not in a “now I’m a mother the world will never be the same” kind of way but a deep moving of my soul. A private awakening and realisation. My soul has been stirred and the great, incredible and immensely talented Lisa Nichols is the reason for this. The gratitude I have for this woman cannot be measured. She broke me…now this is no easy task let me assure you! I have had some bumps and grazes in my adult life that has taught me emotional resilience and created a resistance to vulnerability. However, this powerful black beauty broke me.

As I sat in the crowd, with 350 other hand chosen entrepreneurs out of the 2000 who applied, I at first felt completely undeservingHow did I even end up here to watch her on stage and be invited to her private suite, to have hours with her asking questions and learning? 

I have followed my dreams, I have been heart centred and served all those who have asked me for help. I have in the face of great adversity and criticism still waved the homeopathic flag and brought affordable and natural healthcare to families all over Australia and overseas but this is small fry to what and who is in this room. I am sitting next to professional athletes, actors and entrepreneurs who have had massive impact! I am sitting 3 rows down from Ka Sundance from (keep a look out for my interview with Ka next month!) and other social entrepreneurs who have liberated thousands out of poverty and dire circumstance. I am sharing a table with Sam Beard a man who served 7 US Presidents!

The only explanation I have is that sometimes these things are bigger than me, bigger than us. I was given the opportunity to speak about my charity work ( which was amazing and have made friends and business connections that have great promise, however it this whole experience was bigger than me.

When Lisa began to speak the tears started rolling. I grabbed my girlfriend Ali’s hand and I sobbed and sobbed. Lisa stirred my soul and I swear she was only speaking to me, her message was for me. It was exactly what I needed to hear, it was exactly what I needed to be inspired by and the bottom line, I have to start playing BIGGER.

Lisa Nichol’s message was about following your inspiration and your divine purpose. She challenged us to shine our light and just get on with it. For so many years with the criticism and resistance against Homeopathy in this country I have been playing small. I have so much I dream of and am inspired to do but then I have stopped myself. Every single time I have neared the launch of a new program or a new product I have been too afraid. Too afraid to shine, too afraid to received the criticism but most of all terrified of the vulnerability that would come if I really started sharing myself with the world.

I have been playing around with it with a few videos here and there and occasionally get deep with you as my tribe in my emails…well it’s all about to change.

As of this month it is all happening, I am opening up and really starting to shine my light with you and with the world. I have monthly classes, and new programs planned for next year and I’m really excited about the many opportunities I have to share with you this month.

I look forward to welcoming you to my online events this November. Check out all the details here.

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