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November 8, 2015

Our most popular Summer Remedies

Now may be the time to stock up with the remedies that are going to support your family through the Summer months.

1. Sunburn/Sunstroke Drops

– This formula may assist the body to manage the heat and sun. The homeopathic remedy Glonoine in the formula assists the prevention of headaches, sunstroke and exhaustion and the feeling of being ‘wiped out’ by the heat. I like to place 4mls of this remedy into our children’s water bottles every day while at school and during the summer holidays to assist their little bodies stay hydrated and ailment free.

2. Bites and Stings Drops

– This magical bottle may help with inflammation and pain from insect bites and stings. This is a great bottle to pass around the summer BBQ and pool parties. This remedy gets a huge workout in our home preventing our girls from having reactions and inflammation from mosquito bites. In addition this remedy may treat hives and any heat related rashes brilliantly so make sure you keep a bottle on hand for your toddlers.

3. Digestion Aid Drops

– As we indulge over Christmas and enjoy the socialising of Summer this remedy may ensure your digestive system and liver get the support and care they need. Assisting with absorption of nutrients and clockwork elimination you won’t feel bloated and full if you have these drops on hand. Take 4xdaily everyday as a preventative of if you have over indulged then dose every 10 minutes until you gain relief.

4. Hangover Help Drops

– This powerful liver tonic is wonderful to have in your bag as the celebration of the years end seems to be coupled with parties and alcohol. Take this remedy every 2 hours while partying and it may provide preventative support your liver and every 10 minutes as needed if you have symptoms of dehydration, headache, nausea or vomitting. This may be the best bottle you have purchased this year!

Have a wonderful Summer supported with our natural approach.

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