Our Story

Puraforce Remedies has become a leader in natural medicine by consistently meeting the health and wellbeing needs of hundreds of families in Australia and the Asia Pacific.

Being 100% Australian Made, all remedies are created and bottled at the Puraforce Remedies headquarters in Mount Gambier, South Australia under Nicole’s tight supervision.

With an uncompromised standard for only using natural ingredients, Nicole’s remedies are the purest in the market.

They are free of benzoates, colourings, flavourings, preservatives and other potentially health compromising ingredients that are still being used by other natural health companies.

Puraforce Remedies are assisting hundreds of patients each year in overcoming illness and disease when they had previously given up, and this is further supported and celebrated by the numerous testimonials and case studies Nicole has collated from patients in Australia and overseas who are now thriving in health.

  • "I originally went to see Nicole so I can get some advice on controlling my adult acne, but Nicole uncovered the real culprit. I had not realised how my digestive system was affecting my entire life, let alone my skin. With a series of easy nutritional changes and Nicole's digestion aid drops, I started to see the difference within 2 weeks."

    Angelique K. VIC