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Baby Fever Drops

Contains ingredients typically used for, and may assist in the relief of fever. May be ideal for fevers associated with colds and flu, teething and viruses. May be a natural alternative to conventional pain relief solutions.

Ingredients: bell 6c, puls 6c

Dosage: Babies under 6 months 0.5ml. Babies over 6 months 1ml. One dose every 10 minutes for 6 doses or until baby is settled, asleep or feeling better. Repeat every half hour as needed or until feeling better. If baby becomes unsettled/unwell again, begin with the 10 minute dosage once again until improvement. If no improvement is noticed please contact your health care professional. Note that some state legislations require that infants under the age of 3 months with temperature of 38 deg C or higher must be treated in hospital.


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