Tween-Teenager Monthly Pack

Assist your children naturally through hormonal changes and the emotions of puberty. These remedies may provide wonderful relief to teens with acne, hormonal imbalances, mood swings, anxiety and depression. Useful for both boys and girls, these remedies can be taken alongside conventional medication with confidence.

For the girls these remedies may assist with long, heavy and painful periods as well as bloating and emotional outbursts. For boys and girls exam pressure and nervous anxiety may be greatly reduced with the use of these remedies, making them wonderful for the final years of school and first years of tertiary study.

This pack contains 2x Hormone Balancer, 2x Immune Boost Drops, 2x Stress Drops, 2x Digestion Aid Drops, all the remedies you will need for a month of my Wellness Protocol for 1 person. This complete preventative health protocol may prevent illness and emotional and physical fatigue.

Place 4mls of Hormone Balancer, Immune Boost Drops, Stress Drops and Digestion Aid Drops into a 1 litre water bottle for you to sip throughout the day.  As all of our remedies are tasteless and odourless you will not even know the remedies are in your water!

In addition, for girls consider purchasing our PMS/Period Pain Drops and use as directed for the times of the month where there is irritability, mood changes and pain when all girls need extra support.

This pack is suitable for both boys and girls 10 years old through to adults.


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  • "I originally went to see Nicole so I can get some advice on controlling my adult acne, but Nicole uncovered the real culprit. I had not realised how my digestive system was affecting my entire life, let alone my skin. With a series of easy nutritional changes and Nicole's digestion aid drops, I started to see the difference within 2 weeks."

    Angelique K. VIC