I need a holiday!

October 3, 2016

So many people feel like this! Take me somewhere exotic, somewhere warm and tropical, we need to get away! Unfortunately they do not prepare as well as they could. The excitement of a holiday has them focused on being away and having fun and instead of this they experience illness, digestive discomfort and jet lag as they do not have on hand the remedies they need!

As you know we travel as a family a lot and I am very proud to say that even in the face of third world conditions, 40 hour travel schedules and many international stopovers with new and unusual foods we are yet to reach for a pharmaceutical medication in our household!

I have been able to achieve this by taking with us everywhere this Puraforce Travel Pack!

Puraforce Travel Pack

This pack includes 1x Jetlag Drops, 1x Sleep Drops, 1x Travel Sickness Drops, 1x Digestion Aid Drops, 1x Stress Drops and 1x Immune Boost Drops.

Here are all the remedies you may want to have on hand when you travel, especially overseas. .

The easiest way to use these remedies is to add 4mls of Immune Boost Drops, Stress Drops and Digestion Aid Drops into 1 litre of water and continue to sip throughout your entire journey. Start this process as you are leaving home.

Additionally, take 1ml of Jetlag Drops and Sleep Drops every 2 hours once you start your journey while you are awake. Sleep when your body needs to sleep and do not break your sleep patterns to take any remedies. Discontinue 12 hours after you reach your destination.

Always carry our Travel Sickness Drops in your backpack when you travel and use as directed on the bottle as needed. It may bring relief to nausea, dizziness, headache and vomiting while travelling or from air, car and sea sickness.

I hope you found this article valuable and it prevents you and your family discomfort on your next adventure.  If I can help you in any way or you need help with dosage information while you are on holiday please contact me directly

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    Angelique K. VIC